When you uplift a woman, you uplift an entire family. And, when you uplift an entire family, you uplift a community. 
 Help us empower Black women in the Cleveland community! While Cleveland has been dubbed the worst city in America for Black women, 
the mission of NCBW Greater Cleveland Chapter, Women Making A Difference Foundation 
is to advocate and empower the Black woman and her family in Greater Cleveland through 
social and political development, civic education, community engagement, and 
rebuilding socioeconomic opportunities. But, In order to fulfill our mission, we need your support. When you donate to NCBW Women Making A Difference Foundation, we're able to… • Provide scholarships to graduating seniors • Host our Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Walk • Offer workshops and trainings to the community So please consider making a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation today.  



Adinkra symbol from Ghana that represents "Universe"


Every dollar donated to
NCBW Women Making A Difference Foundation

goes to uplifting women!


NCBW Greater Cleveland Chapter
Women Making a Difference Foundation


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